We (Hack Club) want more people to be able to go to hackathons. This school year, we'll fund the cost of gas for you (or a parent) to drive to any hackathon listed on hackathons.hackclub.com. We'll alternatively reimburse you the equivalent of that if you buy a train or bus ticket.

Attend a hackathon
Snap some
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Trains & Buses?

If you are unable to drive to a hackathon, we can reimburse the equivalent amount of miles for a bus/train ticket at a flat rate of 10 cents a mile!

Get Started

Whether you have gone or are going to a hackathon, let’s get you set up and ready to go with Gas Fund. Fill out the fields below in order to get started. (Note: you will be redirected here)

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Source code open sourced at hackclub/gas-fund and finances released on HCB.